One Worth Living


I've been reading a lot of Aurelius as of late. A few friends have commented, "Stop with the Stoicism already," to which I've started smiling, nodding my head, noting that said person doesn't want to hear about these things, which is fine, and moving on. I'm struggling with a lot of changes as of late, and need a way to make sense of some of them and the future in front of me. I'm finding that reading and pondering practical philosophies are helping me. Talking them through with friends helps me, too.

One of the Daily Stoic emails had the Greene quote:

"Stop wishing for something else to happen, for a different fate. That is to live a false life.”

Often the wishing halts the doing. Simply visualizing a better state distracts us from taking the necessary steps to addressing our current fate.

It made me chuckle a bit. How easy a life of wishing can be. A life of doing, however, is one worth living.


This is hitting me hard because it's so true. I stopped 'doing' a long time ago as I kept wishing for something else to happen. It's hard to walk down one path while wishing to be on another.

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