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Mom Visits, We Both Go Visiting


Mom came out to Los Angeles today. Together, we went down south to visit Helen. She's looking great, smiled a lot, and was surprisingly active. It was nice to spend the day with my mom, it was nice to see Helen. The downside to the day was all the driving we had to do. Mom flew into Burbank, which is the closest airport to where I'm staying, and we drove down to Orange County. The drive was over an hour each way, but, hey, captive audience! We tooled around Orange, then drove back through traffic, spent some time in a Starbucks, walked around a bit, bought some paper things (of course!), returned the rented car, and talked a lot.

Spending time with Mom is soul-soothing. Bonus: my driving didn't make her throw up.


We should do more things like this! I miss you and your cheery face.