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Tantanmen Tutankhamun T-Something


In a continuing sense of culinary adventure, Matthew and I went out for ramen today for lunch. He's been to pretty much every ramen place here, but, hey, there's the new one he hasn't been to, did I want to go? Oh, yes, yes, I wanted to go.

We arrived at opening, sat at the kitchen bar, watched the food prep, and, to my delight, it was wonderful.

To start, Matthew ordered the Karaage, which is fried chicken chunks with a yuzu kosho egg salad, shishito pepper, and a slice of lemon. He shared them with me. They were delicious, but greasy.

Ramen quickly followed. I ordered tonkotsu tantanmen, which is spicy sesame miso tare, pork broth, garlic bok choy, leek, white soy shiitake mushroom, sesame chili oil, garlic ginger pork crumbles. The waitress offered an egg, and no no no, what was on the menu was what I wanted.





We're thinking a Korean food adventure tomorrow.