The Thick Blue Line


Years ago at some Rippit team dinner, I brought over my 10 cup mixing bowl, and proceeded to dump a bag of prewashed mixed greens, a chopped bell pepper, an entire avocado (also chopped), a pint of (yes, chopped) mushrooms, a handful of dried cranberries, and a few other things into the bowl. I then tucked the bowl under my arm, sat down on the couch, and started eating the salad. Keebler looked at me, at the bowl, at me, at the bowl, then said, "That's a big salad."

I was surprised. It was a normal sized salad for me.

It is not a normal sized salad for most people. It is a normal sized salad for four people, I suspect.

Mondays are Salad Nights, here at The Farm. Mom makes the most delicious salads on Monday nights, and I look forward to them.

They are also giant salads. Big. Huge. The size of my historically normal sized salads, in fact.

Eric, however, isn't quite the salad fan Mom and I are. As such, he requested Mom make him a smaller salad.

She didn't.

So, this week, to help her out, he put a cap on the size of his salad.

And marked it.

Let's just say, Mom didn't notice the line, shall we?

Or maybe, HAD OPINIONS about said line.

I, for one, really like the giant salads. They are "right-sized."

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