Which Habit? No idea.


James Clear has a 3-2-1 newsletter in which he gives 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 question. I read them, they are interesting, I ponder them.

Today's question is "Which of my current habits serves me most? Which serves me least?" which, let's be honest, is actually two questions.

Bad one first: I have a habit of popping my knees when there is tension in them. This has resulted in achy knees, torn ligaments, and an ended ultimate career. I decided yesterday, before I read this issue of the 3-2-1 newsletter, to take care of my knees better. Specifically, when I start to tuck my knees under me when I sit, to stop, and sit with my feet on the floor. Doing okay there. I also decided to start the Sky's the Limit workouts again, to strengthen my knees. Not to be content with those two actions, I have also resolved to sit less. Over half my body aches when I sit down, a problem for another day, so minimizing sitting also minimizes pain, and engages my knees.

So, what about that best serving habit? Gosh, I have no idea. Is it brushing my teeth in the morning and before bed? Is it the morning routine of (currently, but not usually, walking the dog,) making tea, cleaning the dishes, and sitting for a bit to settle in for the day? Is it my gratitude journal where I list at least 5 gratitudes a day? Is it my daily pushups (hey, I have pecs and triceps now!)? Is it my hang or pull up attempt each time I walk under the pull-up bar in the doorway? Is it my daily journal, where I process the days events? Is it the inconsistent but increasingly more frequent meditations? Is it my daily 90 minutes on the treadmill at a 10% incline?

Gosh, I have no idea. All of them are helping me in different ways.

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