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Why did I think a Winter Walk was a Good Idea?


When the world is on fire or just when things are crap, remembering good times can lend strength when needed. To that end, let's start the twelve days of Snookmas!

A couple winters ago, might have been more than a couple, I was somehow managing to convince Jonathan to go on walks with me. During the summer, this isn't a difficult ask. During spring and fall, this isn't a difficult ask, and I usually can manage some level of consent. Sprinter is questionable, depending on the weather.

Winter is almost always a no. This time, however, I managed to convince everyone, all Snooks, to go out for a walk with me.

No, I don't know how. The winter was in full force. Winds were howling, snow was all over the place, the sun no where. The weather was miserable, beyond miserable. Yet, they agreed, so off we went.

We all bundled up, long underwear, pants, shirt, shirt, shirt, coat, socks, boots, coat, hat, gloves, scarves, we were all set.

Out we went for this walk around the block. All one kilometer of invigorating winter weather walking. Here we go!

The wind was so bad, we made it less than 50 meters down the street. They were willing, but, wow, was the weather awful. It was a right Ottawa winter.

To this day, years later, I have no idea why they agreed to go out into the wicked winter weather with me. I'm grateful they did, and what an inside joke we have, but, hooboy, nature wins when she wants to win.


Thank you, love.

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