Walking Walking Walking


So, one of the things that has come as a surprise to me with my uphill training is how effective walking fasted, early in the morning, and at a slower speed is for increased health. The "walk slowly enough that your heart rate doesn't go over 120 when going uphill" is both frustrating in its impossibility and amazing in its long term effectiveness. Yet, I keep doing it. And it keeps getting easier. Where an hour walk used to be my limit, two hours is my normal. Has been a crazy transition from sprint endurance to steady slower movement, not one I'm still comfortable with, but my body is becoming so.

While I've been training, he's been walking a lot, too, especially in these last few weeks. What is entirely warm-fuzzies to me is that, from the outside at least, the motivation for the walking seems intrinsic. He's not walking because I'm nagging. As far as default activities to do, one can do far, far worse than walking. I don't know if he is maintaining the walking, but he was on a good streak of really long walks there. I hope he continues.

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