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I Have Made Better Choices, part 317


While waiting for the rest of the team to return from the Cotopaxi summit, I wandered around inside and outside of the lodge after I caught up somewhat on sleep. In the lodge, there is a wall of crocs, each pair, if you can match them, available for anyone to wear:

hanging crocs shoes

Day hikers come up to the lodge, which is awesome. Hike up to the lodge, kick off your shoes, have some tea or hot chocolate, maybe a sandwich, head back down. A lovely afternoon adventure.

And while I appreciated the wall of available lounging shoes at the lodge, I have to say I have made better choices than the one I made when I decided to wander out to walk along the ridge and take a picture of the mountain in these:

my feet in crocs

I mean, just how much stability was I looking for in a shoe?

Answer: more than these provided.

I managed to aggravate my left hamstring (the on-going 17 year saga thus far) on the walk around the ridge to see this:

view of cotopaxi summit from the red ash

The valley floor, however, is what inspired me. The winds pushing me away from the edge were telling me that I was figuring out these mountains, keep going. They had my back.

view of the cotopaxi valley

That, and a good beat, say LP's Lost on You, seemed the best choice to make.

And not those crocs. Hod, that was a bad choice.

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