Inktober Day 6: Golden


Can we say that sometimes I just completely miss it? Like, tone deaf and all that? When I looked for golden mountains, a lot of pictures were of some mountain in the golden hour. They were beautiful pictures, and not what I wanted.

I eventually found the Golden Mountains of Altai, and thought, "Great!" The photo by Ibrohimov Barzu Mahmadiyor o'g'li shows the mountain from the Mongolia side. Turns out, the Altai are in Russia. Meh.

I lost the edges of one of the ridges when painting this, and wanted to redo this painting. Then I remembered: this challenge is about showing up, not about perfection, or even completion. So, this is day six.

True to form, I messed up the lighting. Some of the shadows are on the wrong side because I didn't decide on my shadow color (the light blue) until after I had used the light brown for shadows in a few places. I'm still working on textures, which are hard to do with the larger brush I have and the small canvas size, but I am definitely aware of them and improving. The lights, though. Still and forever with my lighting.

So, squint a bit. The painting looks better that way.

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