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LMK if fields are missing that you need


There are times when I look back on what I've written and the phrasing of my words just plain catch me off guard. Like, who speaks like that?

Last week, a coworker asked for some data, and I sent it to her. I included a note, "LMK if fields are missing that you need."

"Let me know if fields are missing that you need." Technically, correct grammar. Subjectively, not particular clear or venacular.

"Let me know if fields that you need are missing." The part "that you need" goes with the fields, so should be before the verb there, though the "that" phrase applies to the fields even when placed at the end.

It is just weird, though.

Another one that rather hit me was a response to a tweet about an earthquake in New Zealand. I responded, "I hope everyone is unhurt!" Everyone else responded with, "I hope no one is hurt!" The author of the original tweet noted my unusual speech pattern.

Brains are weird. Communication is surprisingly more difficult than one would expect. We know what we mean, but, wow, others do not.

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