Okay, Maybe Not Just Me


Dad's tests went well (yay!). After my walk, I waited for a bit, then went back to meet up with his care team and get the details of his after care. Shortly after, I went out to the truck to warm it up and drive it close to the exit door, minimize the distance he needed to walk.

We drove back a different way than Dad drove to the facility, my usual "explore the different ways to my destination" way of driving in new areas. The way I drove had fewer cars, but more stop signs.

Along the way, Dad commented, "I can see why they say that people shouldn't drive home after the procedure, but I would've been fine."

You could hear the record scratch from a mile away.

Like HF, Dad, what? Hello, illusory superiority bias, thy name is Hodsden.

I did explain to him that just because you feel fine and think you can drive just after a series of heavy drugs that put you under for a while, doesn't mean you actually can drive well, or would be okay signing legal documents. Or even arguing medical treatments and scientific method with the out-patient nurse. I mean, look at drunk people, they are amazing in their own brains, not so much from the outside.

I swear, the list of cognitive biases on Wikipedia is an amazing resource for exploring just how badly we make decisions. The Art of Thinking Clearly is another great place to explore. I am unsure how to get Dad excited about either, though.

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