Journey of a Day in June


Looking at photos on my phone, I came across a picture of Snooks and me, from ten years ago to the day. I checked here, and realized I hadn't posted the picture here. So, I corrected that, then wondered how consistent I was about posting on any specific day, June 19th in particular. Let's just say, inconsistent at best: 7 of the last near 22 years.

At some point I will look at what day I am most consistent at posting on. Today is not that day. But here are those other June 19th days:

2005: Instant Karma a gift from my mom.

2007: It Sucks! A gift FOR my mom. Yes, the image is missing, the gift was a vacuum cleaner.

2008: The camera returns pictures from my camera that was passed among my friends at communal dinner, the images are missing here, too.

2013: This sums up my life right now I broke a dish my mom had given me. Images missing. I need to fix these missing images before I forget where I have them stored, or lose the hard drive they are stored on, or the hard drive fails. I still have that dish. I mended it, and use it as my soap dish to this day.

2014: Dairy Queen with the Kiddos, I fucking love this picture of Lucas. Jonathan and I look like dorks.

2018: Achy This and Achy That. I hurt all over, had two broken toes, but, hey, the post has a picture.

2022: Ha Ah Ah Omer Homer gift from Kris for my birthday that year. We were two of the few people wearing masks.

The irony of this post is that the first Drupal tutorial I wrote back in 2002 was how to write a block that posted content "On This Day" in the past on the site. Had I kept updating that tutorial, had the documentation people not claimed ownership of my content on a D6 upgrade, thereby causing me to say fuck this, I would have just used that block and not written this post. Life is strange sometimes. Time is a flat circle.

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