Migraine notes from RealAge

RealAge: Help for Migraines

Ask yourself the following questions to see if your lifestyle could
be setting the stage for migraine pain.

* Do I maintain a steady sleep schedule?
Staying up an extra hour or two past your bedtime to read a good
book or catch a rerun of your favorite movie on late-night
television may seem like a good idea, but you could pay for it the
next day. Inconsistent sleep habits and not getting enough sleep
are common migraine triggers. Make restful sleep a priority. Need
help getting a good night's sleep? Take the RealAge Sleep Health
Assessment for tips. 

* Do I sometimes skip meals?
Skipping breakfast to shave 15 minutes off your morning routine
isn't worth it. Missing meals is one of the most common and
avoidable migraine triggers. Never skip a meal, and keep protein
bars, apples, whole-wheat crackers, and trail mix on hand as
on-the-go options when your meal is delayed.

* Do I exercise regularly?
Hopping on the elliptical trainer a few times a week, taking your
favorite four-legged friend for a walk in the park on weekends,
and enjoying an occasional bike ride on a scenic trail are all
good prescriptions for migraine sufferers. That's because regular,
moderate exercise may help prevent migraines. Just make sure you
don't overdo it. Strenuous exercise is a migraine trigger for
some people. Visit My Fitness Plan for direction when creating
your custom workout. 

* Do I try to take on too much?
Whether your day is packed with work meetings and doctor
appointments or household chores and grocery shopping, take stock
of how stressed you feel by your commitments. Stress can provoke
migraines. If you feel tense but can't loosen up your schedule
that day, take a 10- to 20-minute antimigraine break. Practice
deep breathing, meditation, self-hypnosis, yoga poses, or any
other activity that helps you feel calm.

Practicing these antimigraine strategies not only can help you
fend off migraines, but they also will help you feel refreshed,
energized, and ready to tackle the day.