Best poop of anyone


I've decided I really like my poop. Not only do I poop fast, but it also comes out in very discrete groups, piles even, so that when I wipe, little comes off onto the paper as there's little there. Unlike some people, I think, I'm not smearing crap all over my butt.

And! It comes after announcing itself.

Yes, I have the best poop ever.

Canyon aura


Kris and I talked about the "canyon aura" Sonia asked about in the group sitting at dinner last night. She asked why the canyon top was brighter at night: the sky at the edge of the canyon appears lighter than the night sky looking away from the edge. Was the cause reflected sunlight, moonlight, city lights?

Charly piped up and asked, "Oh! Do you mean the canyon aura?" He named the phenomenom, but couldn't explain it (which, admittedly, frustrated me a bit, because it stopped the conversation, without explaining the phenomenom).

I told Kris I though the aura was an artifact of the way the eyeball works. Unfortuantely, I didn't explain my thoughts well, so we talked for a long while about it. Essentially, I tried to describe the phenomenom where, if you stare at an object in big contrast to its surrounding, then look away, you see an retinal imprint of the object.

Looking at the canyon rim, which is solid dark, next to the slightly bright sky, your eye doesn't focus on one point. The slight movement, with a slight retinal imprint, gives the impression of an aura along the canyon edge.

I don't recall which of rods or cones (update: rods for light, cones for color), the the light sensitive ones may have a loner lag time, which makes the aura more pronounced. Actually, when its this dark, color is irrelevant, so the lag time is also irrelevant.

Kris asked if it was the same phenomenom as when a blue circle in a dark backgroun is seen as a darker blue than the same blue in a white (or lighter than the previous circle's) background. I said not quite, but we'd do the experiment later at home.

I do, think, however that I eventually explained it well enough.

Andy slept through the whole conversation.

Various notes for day 6


Well, with lots of effort, the camera finally opens. It grinds with sand in the gears, and sometimes it doesn't open, or I have to shove it closed, but at least it's somewhat opening again and I can take pictures. Yay!

Surprisingly, I'm still on battery 2.

Thinking about it, I should have brought Kris' pink plastic cards on this trip. No worry about their getting wet.

And, yes, surprisingly yes, it is possible to be done with the Canyon. I felt like I wanted to be done last night. This morning, I'm okay. Last night, not so much.

Whoever said there are no mosquitos in the Grand Canyon lied. Sitting on the pot this morning, one landed on my arm and started digging in. I swatted it, then debated wiether or not to bring the corpse to the group to show it off and provide evidence of their existance at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

I decided not to.

Not heading up to Havasu Falls


First 1/2 mile today on Charly's boat with Kris and Andy

Yes, Havasu Falls is as I remembered it. Kris and Andy wanted to be in front, so they took off. I didn't want to go, so though I was in the front of the beginning, I drifted to the back after the break/gathering point at a big pool.

Josh showed us (Sonia, Michael, Adam, Pam and me) a good stopping point. He convinced me to keep going, but I stopped about three mintues afte rrealizing the pace he was setting was both outside my comfort zone and way past the pace I wanted to go. I turned back to spend the morning with the Js: Jaffe and Jorgensons. I learned how to play Botticelli, (even if I couldn't spell it in my notes) where you think of people to stump each other in a guessing game.

As a side note, Susan fell early in this hike and injured (deformed) her wrist. She's still down at the boats, and didn't make it to the Olympic Pool gathering point. If her wrist is broken, she'll be helicoptered out. When I heard about the incident, I told Josh about a previous trip of mine to the Grand Canyon, with Kristy and Charles, and how Charles was helicoptered out. Fun.

Canyon 10, bugs 5


I counted the number of bruises and scratches on my legs (10), and the number of (gigantic, itchy, annoying) bug bites also on my legs (5). Canyon is winning 10 to 5.

When Tracy saw the one on the back of my leg, asked me if I was okay. I looked at it and stated, "I am both unsurprised at the size of it, and unconcerned," both of which are true.

Waiting on the ledge


I'm really liking this moleskine. Have to use my hair clips to keep the camera dry bag closed.

I should take a first responder course. It would give me more knowledge that would be good to have. Maybe an E.M.T. course, too. Maybe. Still.

So way the right decision


Okay, holy moly, yes, staying down at the pools was a GREAT idea.

I spent the six hours everyone else used to walk up two hours, play in the water for two hours and hike back two hours, with Pam, Adam, Michael and Sonia, playing cards and Botticelli. We moved a couple times, to stay in the shade.

We had a rotating swimmer, since there were five of us and enough cards for only four of us to play at a time. Once of us would go for a swim while the other four played a hand.

I had an unfortunate incident during the day when we were moving at one point. I had to poop, and I had to poop badly, no holding this one in. So, I pooped into my lunch bag (this was, fortunately, after lunch, so the bag was empty), and stuffed it into a plastic bag, then shoved that into another plastic bag, and THAT into a third plastic bag, and carried the whole thing out, down out of the side canyon. Ick. The groover is so much more pleasant.

Around 1:30, we went down to the Olympic Poool, and met up with Matt and Pat. We all lounged until about 2:15 or so when the rest of the crew started showing up. The water at the resting / meetup point was WONDERFUL. Perfectly cool temperature.

Kris commented when he met up with me that yes, the waterfall was nice, but the pools were no different than where I had stayed. I knew at that point I had made the right choice. I, and the Js, had six hours more of lounging around than the rest of the group. Lounging! YAY!

The group went back to the boats for another two hours of rowing down to Tuckup Canyon Beach. Kris, Andy and I were in Charly's boat again, but the day was a huge contrast to yesterday's ride. The conversations were fun and loud enough for me to hear.

Andy over the shoulder


Bugs. Defeating me.


I've seen two shooting stars each of the last two nights. I also saw a satelitte last night. Andy saw a satellite and shooting star tonight. Kris saw a shooting star, also.

The bugs are defeating me.

I think I'll offer websites as part of our tips to the guides. Kent and Charlie seem way interested. Others might be, too.



After setting up camp at Tuckup Canyon, I went to go bathe in the river with Kris. We've managed to bathe every other day, which seems to be good, but hasn't done much for my hair other than give me one natty dreadlock.

While we were there, Abby, Erin, Kim and Kelly were there, having a seriously girl moment with lots of laughing and giggling and sharing of shampoo and soap. I was feeling a LOT like an outsider, as I do with most girly events. I never feel connected, I can't bond with women doing women things easily. With female friends I've known a long while, I'm good. Just met? Think of me as a boy.

Which is why I just bathed with Kris and Al until they both finished, then continued on with my personal areas after they left. I managed to shave my legs today, and other places that needs a quick blade. Eventually, the ladies' group left, so I pulled off my shirt to finish bathing naked. Few things more annoying that having a stripe of dirt where the sports bra was because you couldn't wash under it. Another curse of the big breasts, I guess.

As I was bathing topless, I was still slightly uncomfortable, as Kim was still around. As she left, though, she commented, "If only I were so brave," referring to my usual style of bathing completely naked in the river, instead of in a swimsuit as everyone else did. Although I don't completely understand the remarkably conservative bathing in this group when compared to the group ten years ago, at least I felt a little better about it after Kim's comment.