Starting young


I went over to Keith and Katie's this evening to meet up with Katie to talk book keeping. There were a couple quirks with the software I had, and didn't know how to enter some things into the books correctly, and needed her help.

After dinner, my bookkeeping lesson, and a quick shower for the kids, Katie, the kids and I sat down at the couch to socialize. At one point, Mia crawled over Katie, and stepped just so to push Katie's shirt down, initiating a wardrobe malfunction. Katie mumbled something about not showing Mom's nipples, which Alex heard.

Alex: "I have two nipples!"

Me: "I have two nipples, too. They're just covered by my shirt."

Alex: "You can take your shirt off."

Me: "Uh...."

Keith: "Ah, Alex. Practicing his lines on the ladies already."


My technique needs work


I went to Keith and Katie's to see the comet and Saturn this evening/night. I went pretty late, and without Mom because of how late.

No luck. Worse, I didn't have ANY luck with the new camera. Took crappy pictures compared to the older one. I think more because I was able to get the focus set with the telescope lens.


Ah well, at least I managed a view of the metro area. Not that you can tell.


Hot chocolate comets


Although Mom is on a different time than I am, and managed to get up early to come visit me, she was game for heading over to Keith and Katie's house tonight for some possible comet viewing. Comet Lulin isn't at its closest, but it's certainly close, and I wanted to see it, presumably through Keith's telescope.

The weather didn't cooperate.

We did, however, have hot chocolate and play games. To my surprise, Mom was willing to play, too. We played the train game that Vinny, Heather, Keith and Martha had all played before. I think Mom and I did pretty well: we learned the game.


Spaghetti dinner inspires writing tips.


On Wednesday night, Kris and I went to Keith and Katie's house for a spaghetti dinner. The dinner was a fund-raiser for the Second Harvest Food Bank, which is a great idea. Lots of bridge friends were there: Lisa, Andy & Michele, Mark and Megan, Hugh & Bridget, Kitty and another friend of Keith and Katie, whose name I don't know.

Kris and I talked for a while with Hugh. Hugh is still looking for a job (anyone looking for a computational chemist?) in the Bay Area. He thinks he'll get an offer for a job with a company in San Diego. He's not thrilled about moving from the area. However, he'd rather not blow through his entire savings.

When I asked if he was excited about the job, he didn't say he was very thrilled. It was doing work that he had already been doing, so it wasn't a new challenge. When I asked him what he'd like to be doing, Kris responded, "Writing!" Hugh agreed, but explained he's had a block. He can write in his journal, but is unable to get writing on things he feels he "should" write about.

We went on to discuss ways to get Hugh writing. We had a large number of suggestions that I really liked, so I wrote them down. As my new policy of saving most everything electronically, the suggestions are now an article named Ways to start writing.