No no no, you don't need that one.


So, I was looking at a health website, and came across a post on "5 Tips for Exercise Motivation." Exercise that isn't group exercise (read: ultimate frisbee) is difficult for me to stick with. Which isn't to say I don't move a lot, I do, but that's because not moving hurts, not because I'm motivated to move more. So, exercise motivation? Sure, I'll give it a read.

So, I read them. The tips are/were:

Find a support system
Think positive
Make a commitment
Celebrate the small successes
Select comfortable workout clothes

Wants and shoulds


I'm back to the uncomfortable balance of wants and shoulds in life.

I know I should be working on work work. I know I want to be working on personal work. I know I should fix this one feature in a client's site. Then, I can bill them, and make money to keep me in the plants I've grown accustomed to having around.

But I keep thinking about my projects and I really don't want to be working on the billable work work.

Maybe just ten minutes on the fun work. Then the work work won't seem so unbearable.