Another Dyson


When flipping through the pictures on my camera, Mom asked me why I took a random picture of some weird wall mounted thing. "I mean, I know you're strange, but even this is beyond your usual," she seemed to be saying.

Well, in the Phoenix airport, in one of the bathrooms (the women's bathroom on the South side, Lower level, East end of Terminal 4, to be exact), there's a new fixture on the wall.

It is for a ...

(drum roll please)

... Dyson hand dryer.

A Dyson Airblade to be specfic:

Now, as someone who tries to be environmentally conscious and green all the time, I have to admit that using paper towels in public restrooms is my failing. I'll use the hand dryer if there are no towels, but I'm really more likely to pull out a toliet seat cover and use that to dry my hands than I am to use the hand dryer. They're retarded annoying things that do little to dry my hands and more to increase the temperature of my hands so that the bacteria still on them can multiply in a now warm, moist environment.


Goodness, do we love our Dyson vacuum cleaner. Kris and I have been been known to fight over who gets to use it to vacuum the floor, as it's just so cool to see how much crap the thing picks up. But I thought my floor was clean! Nope. Run the Dyson over it and see just how not-clean it was!

Combine this love for our Dyson and my surprise at the Dyson Airblade and, well, you have one very, very curious girl.

I read the description picture.

I stuck my hands in.

I pulled them out slowly, as instructed.

Holy crap! They're dry! In less than 10 seconds! In less than the time it would take me to find the paper towel dispenser, walk to it (praying my bags don't fall over or dump onto the floor), crank out a towel of good length, tear it off, dry my hands and, full of guilt, toss the now damp towel, I have dry hands.

Guilt free!

What a deal.

Dyson, we love you even more now.

Why the retarded angle on the description picture? Because when I take a picture straight on, you can see me in the shot. How embarrassing!