Switching Spam-Catching Services


How to tell how out of touch I have very sadly become with the Drupal community: the Mollom servers were turned off last month, the announcement of such was made last year, and I just now fixed it on this site.

Trying out Akismet. Given its history, I think this change will be fine. My plan is to give it a month trial, then start with my subscription payment. I really dislike "captcha and recaptcha and the pick twenty different pictures with signs in them wait does the sign pole count as part of the sign I don't know and I get it wrong every F'ING time google and I'm not the only one" processes, so here's hoping Akismet works as nicely (read: unobtrusively) as Mollom did.

Deleted: 114953 messages


Apparently, this is what happens when spammers use your domain for sending out spam, and receiving domains don't, at a minimum, check the SPF records (looking at you,

root@mail:/var/mail# postsuper -d ALL deferred
postsuper: Deleted: 114953 messages

Of course, what I have learned with this, and the 7G of mail log files, is that I need better monitoring of my mail servers. That these 114953 emails had 4 days of delivery attempts and I didn't notice is, well, really not a good thing.