Once again, I am a boy.


Heh. Once again, my name has spoofed another person. I introduced myself to Joe Seidler, who stopped by to talk to Shiella. We chatted a bit, and he admitted that he thought I was a guy until someone told him, "She". Heh. We chuckled.

First round over, and it was exciting!


Many close games (DoG vs GOAT ended 16-15 well over the time cap), and a couple upsets (Pike beat the number one seed Sockeye 15-12), and many, many games holding seed. Some games were blow outs, soe appeared to be close the whole way. I managed to watch only the first few points of a couple interesting games, dashing back to the nest to enter half time scores.

A few notes of interest:

  • The quickest game was Riot vs Nemesis (15-3), over at 10:42
  • The quickest injury was in the B+ vs Chad Larson (17-16) game. The UPA's lawyer had a "I can't look at this injury it's so gross" broken ankle injury on the fourth point of the game. He ended up leaving the tournament in an ambulance.
  • SubZero took half 8-4 on Johnny Bravo, but still lost to Bravo 15-12, for the biggest come-back of the first round.
  • The last game to end was the DoG vs GOAT game, ending at 11:54, with DoG winning 16-15
  • White shorts are big this year, with at least five Open teams wearing white or whitish shorts
  • Most common scores were 15-{3-5} in womens games, 15-{8-10} in mixed games, 15-12 in open games and 15-{5-6} in masters games.

Good lord, stop the harmonica!


Good lord, stop the fucking harmonica.

Some random guy is up in the crow's nest playing the harmonica while we're trying to get the games going. Elizabeth turns to the guy and says, "I love it, but please stop it."

Yeah, Elizabeth!

Next time, I'm going to kick the guy out. No badge, no crow's nest. Out! Out!

Update. Oops. The guy with the harmonica was the anthem player. He was up here to start the tournament. I truly need to be more compassionate and understanding. Sigh.

First glitch of the day


When the tournaments were created, they were saved with the scores locked. The feature is to prevent people from editing scores before/after the tournament. Having not actually used score reporter before, I didn't know how to unlock the tournament so that I could enter scores. Michael didn't recall the process either. Whoops.

Fortunately the documentation did have instructions, and we're finally good to go. Now we need some scores.

When do they tap the keg?


My first morning of my first nationals. Here I am at the fields, in the crow's nest, thinking, "Wow. This is amazing." For people who have been here many times, who think this is just another tournament, who expect to come here every year, I say, "Go home. Let the rest of us, for whom this is a wonder, an experience, a moment, have a chance at this experience." It's more than just a tournament. It's the opportunity to see the sport we love at its finest.

My first thought here is that it's cold. No one told me it was going to be cold. Sure, at the end of the day I'll probably be thrilled with that gentle breeze coming through the crow's nest, the 10° cooler temperature, the shade. But right now, at 9:10 am (it's only 6:10 am at home! Crazy talk!), it's freaking cold. As I'm wont to say, "Cold, tired, hungry. Pick two."

I went to get a bagel for breakfast. Sans cream cheese, not my favorite breakfast, but I'll manage. On my way over, a woman noticed my "Official UPA staff" shirt, and asked, "Hey, do you know when they'll start the beer?"


Blink, blink.

It's 8:45.


I guess some people, well, have different priorities.

So far today, I've seen and said hello to Brokaw, Drea, Patrick Hard, Becky, Asako, Jane, Kate. I've met a bunch more people that I'm sure I'll never remember their names. And there are many others are here that I recognize: Billy Rodriquez, Mooney, Scottie. This is cool.

Who gets up at 6:30 am?


Who gets up at 6:30 am? On the East Coast? When she was on the West Coast less than 24 hours ago? Ugh.

Heading off to the fields early to help Sandie do some last minute setup (the No Parking signs needs to go up before anyone gets there and parks in the wrong place). I'm surprised at the number of people up already, though. S, the tournament TD is up ("The sun's not up yet!"). The head coordinator is up and already eating breakfast, as were a couple other players, it looks like. Crazy people.

Scobel and I talked this morning, getting a feel for each others' history. She's excited to be here, as Ben (her son) is playing at the tournament. She woke up at 3:00 am yesterday morning in an attempt to acclimate a bit to the time change (coming from Oregon). I made a face, but then she pointed out that it's the same as now anyway, and it's that early today.

Another "Ugh."

So, the advice I've heard about the tournament so far is:

  • Bring a hat, with a brim. The sun'll be brutal. Kate
  • Buy the VC Ultimate stuff early. Elizabeth
    Apparently that's where the good stuff is, and it sells out quickly, so no debating, just buy.

Let's see what I can get Kris from the tournament.

Hmph. It's 7:03 am. I was told to be here in the lobby at 6:54.75 am. I'm here. I was here at 6:51 (surprise! I was early!). No one yet. I wonder if I'm in the right place.

On the road to Nationals


Today was a travel day for the trip to Florida to participate in the UPA Club Nationals. Participation here is defined as help with the scores, and update the website. Not quite the participation I would have liked, but, well, it'll be a good start.

Rather than have poor Kris get up at obnoxious-early-o-clock to take me to SFO to fly to Tampa, I stayed with Greg Wolff and his girlfriend Sunita (the amazing, beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, worldly, every-woman-would-love-to-be-her Sunita). They also had a 6:30 am flight, but because they were significantly closer to the airport, and going there anyway, I went with them. It worked out well. We all flew out of SFO, they on United, I on American with Elizabeth Murray (also of SFUL fame).

Cece, who is on Red Fish, Blue Fish with Greg and Sunita, was also on the flights Elizabeth and I were on. Cece cracks me up. I like her a lot. Elizabeth and I spent time waiting at various points with Cece. She's good company.

We arrived pretty much without incident. Waited at various points for flights and other persons driving cars. At the airport, I ran into Wade and Tyler (Kaos), Dea (Fury, and hence Heidi Binder, who remembered me from El Norte, and Sam, who is engaged to Mike Payne (Jam), who I worked with on the UPA site for voting and mail blast). I also met Erik, Vic and Jeff, who are a few of the players who will be observing at the tournament.

At the hotel, I ran into Kelly Johnson (of all people!). Her team missed Nationals by 2 points. She's here to cheer on Mark, as near as I can tell. Ran into Patrick Hard, who introduced me to Nate (who I've heard about on Brass Monkey, but apparently had confused with someone else). Also met up with Will, Sandy and Michael from the UPA (but of course!). I'll be rooming with Scobel Wiggins who takes some of the most amazing ultimate photography. I'm looking forward to meeting her.

Back in the saddle again.


Funny how life works out sometimes.

Last year, I stepped down from running SBUL, the South Bay Ultimate League, in order to start MPUL. I had hoped for (and thankfully received) higher level play with MPUL. Similar to the way SFUC is the higher level, experienced league of the City, and SFUL is the beginner friendly, less agro league, I wanted MPUL to be higher level play to SBUL's beginner friendly atmosphere.

And it was spectacularly.

Tragically, I didn't get fields for this year, and MPUL may take a hiatus for the season. If I do get fields, the motto of the season will be, "No shirts, no disc, lots of service.".

But I digress.

SBUL was supposed to be run by Troy Wu this year. For some reason, it didn't happen. Instead of fields on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as in past years, Troy requested (and I didn't notice on the application, so I, too am at fault here) Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which SBUL received. Ooops.

And then he disappeared.

As near as I can tell, he talked to Lou. He talked to Mike Kenny. He talked a lot to Nell. But then he just disappeared. When push came to shove, the league didn't get started and Nell called Bharat in a panic asking for help. Bharat called me and dumped the task on me. So, here I am, back getting SBUL going again. Not where I wanted to be. Not at all. Lost a day dealing with SBUL last night and all of today.

I went down to San Jose Parks and Recreation, Fields Reservations today to pay for the fields. They are twice as expensive as last year, due to budget cuts and a city/state mandate for all programs to fully pay for themselves. Hal Spangenberg is pretty cool. Especially for someone that I'm sure gets a lot of crap dumped on him everyday.

So, SBUL will happen this year at least. That's one league. Now to get the other one going.

Back to the real world


Regionals are over, it's time to head back to the real world. It's been an interesting season with Mischief. We went from barely staying together as a team to 5th at Regionals (up from a seeding of 9th), thanks largely to the Smith Brothers: Mark, Kyle and Kevin. Which is not to say the rest of the team wasn't instrumental, just that they are our stars.

I played a lot in the tournament. I pretty much played as much as I could. If I stood up and looked at Andy when he was calling players on the line, he called me in. It's an interesting position to be in: at the top of the roster. I'll admit to being at the bottom for so long, that it feels uncomfortable to be one of the players that always goes in. On the other hand, it's why I took the classes at ASA.

I left regionals sore, but not tired. It's been a LONG, long time since I've been sore at the end of a tournament. It just doesn't happen any longer because of the amount of ultimate I play. However, taking about a month off, then playing hard at Regionals, well, made me sore.

My highlight reel from Regionals:

  • Kris going up for the huck and skying the guy 6" taller than he.
  • Stopping CTR's Chuckles in an iso play, where it was she against me, and Mark intercepted the throw to her (with Rick's voice in my ears the whole time, encouraging me to stick with her).
  • Kevin's handblock next to the sideline
  • Kyle's many layout grabs

There are more. I'm sure I'll think of them.

What I need to do now is research toenail removal surgery. I keep jamming my big toe toenails and having them fall off. Better to just get rid of them then continue this cycle, I think.

Special K sprint workout

Update: changes made for the SCU women's team, with more explanations.

Derived from an article I read about the US National Women's Soccer team, the Special K workout builds sprinting stamina. It was modified by Kris for Special K, which is no longer a team. The season this was written for was a shortened season, with coed playing in July and open/women playing in fall. As of this moment, it was the last year a player could play in more than one division in a season.

For reference, a stinker is:

Sprint 50 yards out and back 3 times in a row for a total of
300 yards.  If you are feeling really ambitious, do this in
under 1 minute.  Rest one and a half minutes afterwards.
A stinkette is:
Sprint 25 yards out and back 6 times in a row for a total of 300
yards.  If you are feeling really ambitious, do this in under
1 minute 5 seconds.  Rest one and a half minutes afterwards.
And a suicide is:
Run 5 yards out and back then increase to running 10, 15,
20, and 25 yards out and back.  Rest 25 seconds afterwards.

That said, the workout is:
Ultimate Workouts  4/3/00 - 7/6/00

4/3/00 Monday
   7x20, 5x40, 3x50, 3x90

4/6/00 Thursday
   1 stinker, 2 stinkettes, 3 suicides

4/10/00 Monday
   7x20, 5x40, 3x50, 3x90

4/13/00 Thursday
   1 stinker, 2 stinkettes, 3 suicides

4/17/00 Monday
   7x20, 5x40, 4x50, 4x90

4/20/00 Thursday
   1 stinker, 2 stinkettes, 4 suicides

4/24/00 Monday
   8x20, 6x40, 4x50, 4x90

4/27/00 Thursday
   1 stinker, 2 stinkettes, 4 suicides

5/1/00 Monday
   8x20, 6x40, 4x50, 4x90

5/4/00 Thursday
   1 stinker, 2 stinkettes, 4 suicides

5/8/00 Monday
   8x20, 6x40, 4x50, 4x90

5/11/00 Thursday
   1 stinker, 3 stinkettes, 5 suicides

5/15/00 Monday
   9x20, 7x40, 5x50, 5x90

5/18/00 Thursday
   1 stinker, 3 stinkettes, 5 suicides

5/22/00 Monday
   9x20, 7x40, 5x50, 5x90

5/25/00 Thursday
   1 stinker, 3 stinkettes, 5 suicides

5/29/00 Monday
   10x20, 8x40, 5x50, 5x90

6/1/00 Thursday
   1.5 stinkers, 3 stinkettes, 5 suicides

6/5/00 Monday
   10x20, 8x40, 6x50, 6x90

6/8/00 Thursday
   1.5 stinkers, 3 stinkettes, 5 suicides

6/12/00 Monday
   12x20, 8x40, 6x50, 6x90

6/15/00 Thursday
   1.5 stinkers, 3 stinkettes, 6 suicides

6/19/00 Monday
   14x20, 9x40, 7x50, 7x90

6/22/00 Thursday
   2 stinkers, 4 stinkettes, 6 suicides

6/26/00 Monday
   14x20, 9x40, 7x50, 7x90

6/29/00 Thursday
   2 stinkers, 4 stinkettes, 7 suicides

7/3/00 Monday
   16x20, 10x40, 8x50, 8x90

7/6/00 Thursday
   2 stinkers, 4 stinkettes, 7 suicides
I believe it is worth noting that although we do these various "workouts" on different days, the US National World Soccer team did both the weekly workouts on the same day. They are some amazing athletes, those women.