Mizuno Wave Rider


Years ago, Kris and I went to a running shoe store to buy running shoes. I tried on pair after pair after pair, not really finding a style / pair I loved. I had given up, and was going to buy a pair that was "merely okay," when the sales guy brought out a pair of Mizunos. I put on the shoes and was immediately in love.

Since then, I have bought only Mizunos. The problem I've had, however, is that they have a dozen different styles, and they keep changing them. I didn't write down what that original pair was, and, well, haven't found such bliss in a shoe since.

Having found out that Amazon carries MIzuno shoes (read: big discount on shoes!), I bought one of each of their main styles to figure out which one was the style I loved.

It was the Wave Rider.


And now I know.

I'm mildly irritated the one I like is pink, but it seems to be a trend as of late. Pink, pink, pink! However, it fits well, so I'm satisfied.