"That Doesn't Make Sense."


"Let's make up a story about the people we see on this walk."

"Uh, okay."

"Take them, for example. Do you think they are her grandparents?"

"I don't know."

"Okay, well then. ... Marilu was really excited! Today is the first day of summer vacation and she's going out for a walk with her grandparents."

I waited.

Eventually he continued.

"She liked walking in puddles, even though it's summer and there aren't many puddles."

"While she wanted to walk in the puddles, she was terrified of water."



"That doesn't make any sense."

"It's a story, why does it have to make sense?"

"Because it's supposed to make sense. She wouldn't jump in puddles if she doesn't like water."

"We do things we are terrified of doing. That's part of growing up."

"It still doesn't make any sense."

No, kid, it doesn't, but we do.

My Kingdom for a Copy


How do I have four copies of Gregory Hays’ translation of Mediations, and not a single copy with me when I need one?

/me shakes fist at sky

The Genius Within

Book Notes


Book Notes

Human Nature, Part 371


"Upvote! Someone add this for iOS! Get on it Google, before I try doing this myself."

$10000 says the person who wrote that sentence will not start writing that API that he wants.

$10000 says he won't even try.

Because that is the way of the world these days: those who can, put their heads down and do the work; those who can't, complain about the lack of progress, say something like "oh, I could do this" but never do, or generally make the world annoying for those who can and do.

Of note, everyone is a hypocrite.


Before The World Wakes Up


Before the world wakes up, a moment for myself. I don't have morning rituals yet, though. Might be time to start one.