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Using what?


Kris and I went down to King CIty tonight with Andy and Robin to be two hours closer to Lake San Antonio tomorrow morning, when the three of them will participate in the 2008 Wildflower Triathlon. I'd link to their site, but they went from a reasonable URL scheme to their retarded one now, and I don't believe in rewarding bad behaviour.

This triathalon is the second one Kris is running, both triathlons on relay teams. Last time Kris ran in the Wildflower Triathlon, Kyle Smith and Ben Klasky were Kris' partners, and I managed exactly one photo.

This year, Robin and Andy are Kris' partners.

So, like last time, the four of us checked into a hotel in King City. Only this time, instead of the crappy hole in the wall place I found for us last time, we're staying in the spiffy Day's Inn. We checked into the hotel, along with another twenty carloads of triathletes, and wandered into our room.

It was pretty nice, with granite (or, at least faux granite), and a full kitchen (with a warning that use of said kitchen would incur additional room fees, to which I thought something like, "Bah, with how much we're paying, we're ALREADY paying for the kitchen!").

Unsurprisingly, I was the first person into the bathroom to use the toilet. A few minutes later, I wandered out of the bathroom wondering what the heck was wrong with the toilet paper in that room. Instead of, oh tearing off at the perforations, the roll seemed to cling together like old cotton fabric that just doesn't quite want to part. It was annoying stuff, and I wondered what I was using on my butt.

So, I looked.

This is what I was using on my butt. It's horrible stuff. I don't recommend it.

Worse, it can't possibly be helping my carbon footprint. I mean, does my toilet paper really need to be made in China?


"Mist?" Is implied moisture really the best connotation toilet paper should be offering up? "Why is this paper already damp...? Is that why it won't un-peel from the roll?"

Just a hunch

I found out, after trying to blog about my triathlon, that it's spelled t-r-i-a-t-h-l-o-n, not t-r-i-a-t-h-a-l-o-n. It totally sounds like there's an extra A in there, but there's not. I kinda feel bad about calling you out in your comments. Maybe I should have just emailed? But you can always not post it.

You know, I couldn't figure out why my browser kept marking that as misspelled.

I guess because it was misspelled.