Kris finds a way


I'm always impressed with the way that Kris finds people again in his life.

I don't know how he does it.

Tonight, at dinner, we invited another trip participant to join us for dinner. We were three, she was one, it worked out well for our numbers. We found out her name is Susan, and she signed up for the trip about 3 weeks ago, when there was an unusual cancellation on the trip. We invited her to join us as we were walking into the restaurant.

As Susan was sitting down across the table from Kris, he thought she looked familiar. Through the course of the dinner conversation, old jobs and past lives came up. Susan commented that she was a ski instructor in Colorado around 20 or so years ago. Kris' face LIT up. He animatedly started asking about where Susan had worked.

Turns out, that flicker of recognition was, he believes, because he was HIS ski instructor years ago. She looked familiar enough, and perhaps was memorable enough, and the timeline seemed to fit.

Kris did that to me, too. Back in 1996, I went with Mom, Eric and Sang Yun on a hike along the Cotswold Way in England. We ended up in Bath on the same day his family was in Bath. I recall being quite annoyed at a woman pushing a stroller over one of the bridges in Bath, and we speculate that said woman was actually Kris' sister pushing Kris' nephew in the stroller. The coincidence with Bath is impressive, but the idea of the stroller woman boggles the mind.

So, Kris found me, too.

I don't know how he does it, but I'm glad he did.