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OpenPhoto community site work


Last week while I was preparing for my Open Web Camp talk, Jaison of OpenPhoto (all these opens! so exciting!) commented on twitter that he was "Looking for a good / free hosted forum solution with FB/TW login." I offered a Drupal install, but wasn't quite quick enough to prevent a Facebook Group creation. I may have begged him not to go the Facebook route, but really my personal preferences shouldn't be a deciding factor for his project.

Unless I offer to do the hard work.

Which I did.

The talk took a bit out of me last week, so needed some time to recover. I started working on the site yesterday, and let Jaisen have at it today as I tweaked the theme and started the setup of a number the desired features.

I have to said, the Omega theme has become my new favorite Drupal theme to work from. I know that Doyle uses it on his work projects, but didn't realize just how awesome it is. It uses the 960 grid system, helping me become a bigger fan. But really, being able to create child themes with drush? WIN.

So, I installed Drupal, created a child theme, updated it to match the OpenPhoto site look and feel. There are a couple more changes that need to happen, along with a few more updates and some configurations that need tweaking.

I'm excited about the site, and hope that it'll work for Jaisen. It's nice to work on a project that, well, I'm really really excited about.

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