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Switching Spam-Catching Services


How to tell how out of touch I have very sadly become with the Drupal community: the Mollom servers were turned off last month, the announcement of such was made last year, and I just now fixed it on this site.

Trying out Akismet. Given its history, I think this change will be fine. My plan is to give it a month trial, then start with my subscription payment. I really dislike "captcha and recaptcha and the pick twenty different pictures with signs in them wait does the sign pole count as part of the sign I don't know and I get it wrong every F'ING time google and I'm not the only one" processes, so here's hoping Akismet works as nicely (read: unobtrusively) as Mollom did.

If not, eh, there are other solutions, including, oh, I don't know, having people read my contact page which lists 4 alternative, working, digital ways to reach me outside of my (now working, but really, admittedly wasn't working for nearly two months) contact page.



I'm wondering just how many spam comment attempts this site must be receiving if Akismet has as many "We're not sure" comments coming through as it does. The number is around 5 a day which seems... high.

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