Yay for Running Again


I went for a run this afternoon.

Recently, I've been on my treadmill daily, walking for 60-75 minutes on a 10% grade at a slow 2 mph pace so that I can both walk and work. After about a month of this, my heart rate never goes above 115, and drops back to under 80 bpm within a minute of stopping, so I've clearly begun adapting to the treadmill workout. Talking with Zeb about my mountaineering training preparation resulted in his strong suggestion that I up my cardio to some movement more strenuous, given I've begun adapting. So, running it is.

My runs have not been particularly long. I worry about injuries from adding on too many miles too quickly. As a result, I'm not increasing my mileage more than 10% a week. Which is to say, I'm not running very much.

And yet.

And yet.

The injuries have begun, beginning with my old hamstring injury. Which is nominally fine, I'm not going to be playing ultimate as far as I know. I'd rather not be in pain every step, but here we are.

Today I was all of about 40 meters into my run before I realized I had left my earphones back at the house. Returning to the house would have been simple enough, and yet, I didn't. I kept running, wondering how the run would be with only my thoughts for company. How long has it been since I just ran, alone with my thoughts, no distractions, the road in front of me.

I am happy to report, I am fine company when running slowing on an empty street. I'm enough out of shape that even my short runs induce a mild runner's high.

Mask and all.

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