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100 Reasons to Panic about Being a Grownup

Book Notes

I bought this book this past weekend on my walk-about around San Francisco last Saturday. I had walked to a Paper Source (I know, shock, I went to a paper store), which turned out to be a newly-opened, concept store (which means it has new merchandise before it is generally available at other Paper Source stores) on the walk for specific Pokémon, and, well, if you're close, of course you have to go it.

I'm uncertain what page in particular caught my attention. I think it was the positive aspects the book: here's a list of all the crappy things that are the result of growing up, becoming an adult, and accepting responsibility for ones own life. And yet, here are the good things that come of those crappy things.

You'll Feel LostI kinda feel like we could use this format for our adulting book.

Anyway, reason 32 in particular moved me.

You'll Feel Lost.*

Upside, *You're on a journey -- getting lost is part of the fun.

And that is the way to view this life.

Yeah, takes five minutes to read the book. It was adorable.

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