Golden Monkey


Okay, one of my recent surprises has been the realization that I like black tea. I've always thought "black tea" was "English Breakfast" or "Earl Grey." It isn't. Those are flavored black teas.

And, unsurprising to anyone who likes tea, even black tea means variety.

Take, for example, Golden Monkey. I was at David's Tea last month and had a free "any flavor" tea coming to me. The name "golden monkey" caught my attention, along with the "organic" and "straight," which is to say "not flavored." David's has this thing about creating lots of flavored tea, all of which are okay for one sip, but just eh, and overwhelming for a cup. Given I drink tea by the liter, I'm not drinking flavored teas.

Golden monkey is described by David's Tea as:

Tea temperatures and times

From Tealee:

Using 1 teaspoon of tea per cup of tea, and double for iced tea.

Type Temperature Time in Minutes
Green 175˚F 1-3
White 185˚F 2-5
Oolong 195˚F 2-3
Pu'erh 212˚F 2-3
Black 212˚F 2-4
Rooibos 212˚F 3-6
Herbal 212˚F 3-6

Only two cups of tea


I am delighted to say, I have had only two cups of tea today.

Big Cup of Tea

Morning tea

Daily Photo

Tea cups


Because everyone once in a while, a five dollar purchase completely brings a smile to your face. In my case, it was these mustard yellow, 2 ounce, CCCI tea cups. They are much smaller than my eight ounce Heath mugs, and twice as large as my one ounce tea cups from the Portland Japanese Tea Garden. I'm delighted by them, drinking 64 ounces of tea, two ounces at a time.